Production-ready pipeline orchestration

The next-generation automation platform for busy engineers.

You write the code, we make sure it runs

Eventline connects to your favourite services and provides a powerful orchestrator to execute tasks for every tech team in your company.

1 Build

Define tasks using the language of your choice, and assemble them in complex pipelines in a declarative way.

2 Schedule

Automatically run pipelines in reaction to events from various sources. Or execute them manually when you need it.

3 Relax

Get back to your usual work, Eventline will monitor everything and alert you if something goes wrong.

All the required features to build the pipelines you need

  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Commands
  • Identities
  • API & CLI
  • Monitoring
  • Debugging
  • Organization

Subscribe to events from a variety of platforms. Create triggers to execute pipelines when you need it. Access information about the event and build complex integrations between heterogeneous services.

Describe tasks in YAML, but write the code in any language you want. Group tasks into pipelines. Run them sequentially or concurrently, the choice is yours.

Create complex commands to run pipelines manually. Specify one or more parameters: Eventline will automatically generate a form. You can now let anyone use it.

Do you need more control? Or do you prefer using the command line? It is up-to-you: control Eventline with our HTTP API, with or without our SDK, or use our command line client.

Store credentials safely and inject them into pipelines. Use OAuth2 flows for increased security and convenience.

Credentials are sensitive data: we encrypt them using the AES256 industry standard, with a key dedicated to your organization. And of course, our database is encrypted at rest.

Keep everything under control: visualize all your pipelines, inspect success rates and execution time, read the audit log of each identity…

Did something go wrong? Access the execution logs of each task, fix the problem, and restart the pipeline from the moment it went wrong.

Even better, replay old events to re-execute pipelines with the exact same input.

Invite collaborators into your organization so that they can deploy their own pipelines and use available commands.

Group resources into projects to keep everything clean and tidy.

Run everything in the same place

Integrating multiple services is hard enough: concentrate all your automation efforts on a single polyvalent platform.

Recurring tasks

Replace all your cron tasks with a fully integrated system that just works. Run automated tasks in reaction to various events, or define complex commands and execute them manually when you need it.

Backup servers, generate reports, coordinate heterogenous services, everything runs on Eventline.


Build, test and deploy using the same tools as all your other automations.

Do not limit yourself to commit events: build and deploy on demand using commands, and control every pipeline with our API or our command line program.

Data processing

Define and run all your data pipelines in the same place. Build complex DAGs and let us run them. Use any language you want, running programs on powerful instances to complete jobs faster.

Monitor progress at all time. Access the logs of every step of every task. Visualize past runs, and understand how your changes affected execution.


  • Is Eventline open source?

    An open source community edition of Eventline will be released in summer 2022. We will also offer an enterprise edition and various types of cloud-based hosting solutions.

  • Can Eventline be deployed on my infrastructure?

    We will be able to provide on-premise solutions in summer 2022.

  • Where are you hosting our data?

    Eventline is fully hosted in France, where your data are safely stored on encrypted storage at all times. We do not use any commercial tracking of any kind.

  • There is no connector for my favourite platform, what can I do ?

    We are adding new connectors on a regular basis, tell us about your work, and we will do our best to help. You can also use custom events to integrate new platforms.

  • Can I give Eventline a try?

    Of course! Feel free to contact us at any time for a free trial period.

  • Can I feed my cat with Eventline?

    If your cat food distributor is IP connected, you can probably do it. Please send photos of the cat!